Best Bottle Warmer for Como Tomo

Choosing the right bottle for your baby is the concern of every mother, as it the most widely used baby product. Baby bottles are the main source of transference of bacteria and harmful germs, the right material, and quality of the baby bottle will ensure the safety of your baby. The Como Tomo brand offers you the best quality baby bottle, which is very different from regular baby bottles because of its design and shape. For the best bottle, you need the Best Bottle Warmer For Como Tomo as well.

The Como Tomo bottles are much wider than the common conventional baby bottles, which makes them very easy to clean as the regular baby bottles have a very narrow inlet. Its nipple is made of pure silicone material that prevents harmful bacteria and germs to enter the bottle. Plus, your baby will be very comfortable with the bottle when you will decide to shift to the bottle completely because it has a very soft nipple and a nice grip.

Best Bottle Warmer for Como Tomo

As a parent, I would also want the best for my child, as every parent does. Mostly the issue every parent has is how to clean the bottle. The Como Tomo, unlike other bottles, is very easy to clean. It will surely make your life easy as it has made my life quite easier. To properly clean the baby bottle, one must need a good baby warmer. As the Como Tomo bottle is different from an ordinary bottle, this would require its own bottle warmer, and the Como Tomo bottle is also made from a different material, unlike other ordinary conventional bottles. I have listed the 4 best bottle warmers for your Como Tomo bottles. The list contains the top best and most used and reviewed products. In order to make your task easier, I have provided you with a list as well as a product specification and features listed below with every product. I hope this will help you in looking for what you need for your baby.

Munchkin High-Speed Bottle Warmer

Our first product for the day is the Munchkin High-speed Bottle Warmer which as the name suggests, is best known for the speed at which it can warm up your child’s nourishment. Whether it is milk or any other liquid for your child, this steam-based warming system will not damage the silicone materials Como Tomo bottles are made from and will speed up the task considerably.

Microwaving your child’s milk bottles is a super dangerous and outdated way to heat the milk as it ends up doing away with a lot of useful nutrients in the milk thus a lot is wasted. The milk will also be heated more uniformly as the steam works way better than simple microwave heat.

There is a built-in cup measuring option which will always make sure you put in the right amount of water needed each time and the cool adapter ring is best for warming up small bottles or food containers so this is actually quite a versatile device. There is a pretty simple on and off button indicator and this device shuts off automatically once the milk is warm as per the settings. You won’t have to worry about the milk not warming up properly as everything is automated.

  • Steam-based warming technology
  • Consistent and uniform
  • Adapter ring
  • None really
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 Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Next, we have the Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer which is from their Closer to Nature® series. This product is amazing as it works great for traveling parents who don’t necessarily have access to microwaves or even warmers. Just add in your desired formula, a little water, and pop the Como Tomo bottle inside the warmer.

It is also an excellent way to carry hot water with you wherever you go without the risk of spillage or harm. While it is made specifically for its own Closer To Nature name brand bottles, it is the perfect size and shape to heat up Como Tomo bottles in no time so it’s a versatile device as well.

It works without electricity so of course, it is amazing to use on the go. This is also why there is no need to heat up water as the water remains warm inside their super warm insulated thermal flask. The materials are also BPA free so there is no fear of the child’s milk or food becoming contaminated.

  • BPA Free
  • Travel safe
  • Thermal flask
  • Designed for its own bottles

Philips Avent Bottle Warmer

Next, we have the Phillips Avent fast bottle warmer which works on both 110 and 120 volts with ease! It also continuously rotates the milk bottle around throughout resulting in the perfectly heated up milk each time.

It has been made to accommodate all Phillips bottles but the shape is also perfect for all Como Tomo bottles, jars, and containers so it is quite versatile. No matter what the size or shape, this product has the capacity to accommodate it.

It can heat up about 4 ounces of milk and that too under a period of 3 minutes.

  • Can hold 4 ounces of milk
  • Fits most bottles
  • Rotates
  • None really

The First Years 2-in-1 Bottle Warmer 

Our last product is the First Years 2 in 1 bottle warmer which is the most versatile product yet as it can technically warm up almost anything from breast milk, formula milk to all sorts of baby food jars. It even sanitizes your child’s pacifiers simultaneously which is pretty impressive.

It has an auto shut-off mode and the best part is that it is super compatible with all kinds of bottles especially ones like Como Tomo which are super wide and sturdy.

The size of the warmer itself is so compact that you can fit it in your bag while traveling or on your nightstand so you don’t have to get up during the night.

  • Sanitizes the pacifiers
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Not as many features


The products listed below are very reliable in terms of your child’s health and will not damage the material the Como Tomo bottle is made of. Plus, you can also warm the milk along with the bottle in the Warmer and it will not only clean the bottle but also kill all the harmful germs and bacteria.

All the devices have an automatic turn-off system that will turn off the warmer once the bottle is sterilized.

All these products are travel safe and you can easily carry them with you anywhere you want.

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Laura Ashley

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