Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

Best Overnight Diaper For Tummy Sleepers

It is very important for a baby’s good health and cognitive growth to have a good and peaceful night’s sleep. Parents will do anything to ensure that their baby sleeps peacefully at night and so can the parents. Just as a comfortable crib is necessary for a baby to have a peaceful sleep, a good quality diaper is as important so that it does not get overflow or leak at night which exposes the baby to a serious risk of getting a cold or rash.

A sleepless night of the baby means that the baby will be sleepy (and cranky) in the morning and will not be active which will adversely affect the growth of the baby. A concerned parent will invest in a good diaper brand that will allow the baby to sleep all throughout the night peacefully without having the fear of leaking.

Best Overnight Diaper for Tummy Sleepers

A first-time parent, who is not experienced might end up buying diapers that might not be of good quality and might leak at night. In order to make your journey of parenthood comfortable and peaceful, we have picked choose the best diapers available in the market and reviewed the five best diapers which will prove to be the best solution for your baby to have a good night’s sleep.

Let’s have a quick look at the best diapers so that you can decide which one to buy for your baby and have a good night’s sleep.

HUGGIES OverNites Diapers

Our first diaper for the day is called the Huggies OverNites Diapers which as the name suggests are perfect for nighttime usage. The double leak guard that provides over 12 hours of protection from leakage also adds to that. Huggies is already a pretty popular name brand and their amazing diaper technology only helps propel that name forward.

For example, the double grip strips on each side of the diapers allow for complete coverage and protection from tears or leakage even if your child moves around a lot or is sleeping in an undesirable position. The SnugFit waistband also helps provide a great and comfortable fit as the diaper will stay in its original place throughout the night so you’ll only have to change your child in the morning.

The cool wetness indicator even changes colors to let parents know the time has come to change their child’s diaper so that no mishaps occur. Major problem babies experience when using diapers at night is the potential rash that may develop from close contact with plastic diapers, however, this one is lined with a quilted inner that allows for the skin to breathe and also protects the child from wetness.  The diapers are completely disposable and are available in sizes 3 to 6 so that your child can use them for a while.

  • Wetness indicator
  • 12 hours protection
  • SnugFit waistband
  • Quilted inner
  • Only sizes 3 to 6
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Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers Size 3

Next up we have the Pampers Baby dry Diapers that claim to provide up to 3 times as much absorbent power than any other brand. This ensures that your child sleeps soundly all through the night and is completely wet and dry in the morning, protecting them from the cold and even rashes.

The 4 layers of distinct protection offer up to 12 hours of dry and comfy sleep so no matter what time of day or night, your child will not be uncomfortable. This particular product comes in 6 distinct sizes but only sizes 1 and 2 have colour changing strips that alert parents that the diaper is full and needs a changing! This is kind of a letdown but still a pretty useful feature to prevent any accidents.

One of the most interesting feature that we found in this diaper is the fact that it is actually lined with soft and soothing ingredients such as aloe extracts, Stearyl Alcohol and even petrolatum which not only keeps the child dry but also keeps their skin soft and calm. This is most effective against diaper rashes and infections.

  • 12 hours protection
  • 3 times as much protection
  • Soothing ingredients
  • Only 2 sizes have colour changing

Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler

Next up, we have the Sposie Booster Pads Diaper Doubler which mainly markets its great track record for stopping leaks completely! It focuses on this and the promotion of healthy sleeping cycles as the number of times that you have to change diapers at night is reduced down considerably. This is also kind of a big deal as tired parents also get the chance to kick back and take some time for themselves.

A lot of children develop horrible infections and diaper rashes from prolonged wear, and to stop that, this product is a 100 percent hypoallergenic so it is safe for your child’s skin. This product is even approved by dermatologists and thus you can rest assured your child is in good hands.

It also locks in most of the moisture and wetness that may accumulate within the diaper thus also stopping possible diaper rashes. Night-time leaks will become a thing of the past with this product! It offers a great fit around the waistband so your child can fidget and move around but that will not affect the diaper.

  • No more leaks
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Great fit
  • Not as many features

Pampers Swadlers Size 5

The Pampers Swaddlers in size 5 is equipped with a cool wetness indicator which will alert parents that the diaper is full and needs to be changed. There are even air holes in the diaper which allow the baby’s skin to breathe and thus hinders any rashes or infections from forming.

The sides on this product are super stretchy and move with your child so that there is no chance of a tear.

The absorbent liner completely locks in moisture so it doesn’t reach the child’s skin.

  • Wetness indicator
  • Stretchy sides
  • Absorbent liner
  • None really

Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Baby Diapers

Our final product is actually the only eco-friendly one we have on this list and it is actually made from organic materials that prevent rashes or allergies. Super absorbent and moisture control, this product is perfect for night usage.

The waistband is also amazing as it flexible enough to move with your child and thus not tear halfway through the night. The inner lining is soft and made of plush so it is soft against your child’s skin.

  • Ecofriendly
  • Flexible
  • Absorbent
  • None really


The diapers reviewed above are the best available in the market. These Best Overnight Diaper For Tummy Sleepers can give leakage-proof protection up to 12 hours which will ensure that the baby will sleep peacefully. Some of the diapers come with a wetness indicator which is a very good feature that indicates when the diaper needs to be changed and some of the diapers have air holes, which enables the baby’s skin to breathe and hinders any rashes or other allergies which might be caused due to dampness.

I from my personal experience will suggest that instead of experiencing other diapers and wasting money at the cost of your baby’s and your peaceful nights, you should choose the best from the list above so that your baby can grow healthy and have a peaceful mind.

Now it is up to you, to choose the best diaper from the list above based on your baby’s age and say goodbye to diaper leakage and sleepless nights due to overflow of diapers.

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