Best Stroller Accessories

Best Stroller Accessories

With the passage of time and with technological advancements baby strollers have become very light weighted yet very durable which has made our life very easy and we can easily carry our baby here and there. While being on the move with the baby, there are many accessories that can be integrated into the stroller. From cup holder to rain cover and from shopping bag hooks to organizers.

There are a variety of accessories available in the market which can be integrated with the stroller reducing the baggage and making your outing with the baby more pleasant and easy. At times, we forget to carry certain accessories separately which creates unpleasant situations for us and the baby, so we can buy the most commonly used accessories for the stroller and attached them to the stroller so that we do not face unpleasant situations.

Best Stroller Accessories

To make it easy for you, we have gathered a list of products that can be added to baby stroller and make both your and your baby’s experience far more comfortable. You can choose accessories according to your need and for your convenience.

A Travel Bag- J.L. Childress Stroller Travel Bag

This one is super important! We know you keep your baby safe inside a stroller but ever wonder what’s going to keep your stroller safe as well? We mean, it’s pretty hard to make sure your baby’s main mode of mobility remains in tip-top shape after that 8-hour flight or 10-hour road trip to grandma’s right?

You definitely want a travel bag which is essentially a carry-on case for your stroller which will keep it safe and sound from any damage that it might incur on the way to your destination.  This product called the J.L Stroller Travel bag is super sturdy and durable for any rough travel, It is also water-resistant and of course, can contain both double and single strollers in one size. It also comes with a padded shoulder strap that will keep your baby safe and has a double zippered edge so that you can access your stroller easily.

Weather Cover- JOOVY Kooper Rain Cover

Next, we have a great product that will keep your stroller and your baby super safe which is the Joovy Kooper Rain Cover.

It is an easy wipe clean product that will not only protect your child from snow, hail, rain, or even really strong wind but will also keep your baby’s stroller absolutely dry so that it doesn’t get moldy or dirty.

If you’re a parent who is always out and about and isn’t about to let the rain stop them, this is the perfect product for you. This cover by Joovy is also great as it can fit almost any stroller and therefore is super versatile in case you have more than one stroller.

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Bugaboo Stroller Cup Holder

The next super important accessory for any millennial parent is, of course, a safe place to keep your cup so that it is always in front of you. This cup holder by Bugaboo is great for a number of different reasons.

The first one is that it has a really versatile bracket space on its handle so that it can easily fold and become one with your stroller. This way you won’t have to worry about the product not fitting properly or even worse, sliding off. This allows for both a horizontal and vertical orientation on your cup so, it’s all good.

This is also super important for parents who get tired of standing in lines, at the mart and not having anything to do because your attention should be on your baby. Well, this way you can do both!

Toy- Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll 

Of course, if the smartphone hack doesn’t work, we always have plans b to keep our toddlers in check. What do babies love more than sleeping? Playing with their favorite toys of course!

Now your job as a parent will not be as hard as you try to handle work and taking care of your child simultaneously. Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Tiny Love which has launched its super cute and super entertaining hanging stroller toys which not only look super interesting for your child but are also super educational and amusing. From songs to rhymes to important audio cues, they will keep your baby busy as you take on the world!

The toys attach with your stroller thanks to the handy hooks that they come with and they stick pretty well even if your child tries to pull them off. Of course, when it gets way too much for the parents, there is also a fail-safe button that shuts the whole dance and song down.

Shopping bag hooks- BabyBubz Hooks

Of course, we all know what happens when you take a baby and stroller out for a good old shopping spree.

You end up taking care of a huge stroller and 10 shopping bags which contain your grocery, baby diapers, and god knows what else! Nobody wants to multitask in a way that causes them serious back strains. So take out word for it, invest in some BabyBubz Hooks which fit onto all stroller brands and can carry up to 50 pounds of extra weight! Sign us up right now!

Stroller organizer- Swanoo Non-Slip Stroller Organizer

An organized stroller makes you look like such a pro at a seriously impossible job! This is precisely why we recommend the Swanoo Non-Slip Stroller Organizer that will take all toys, bottles, cups, baby wipes, tissues, keys, flashlights, and smartphones, and basically anything else you want to throw its way.

The non-slip of course means that this organizer will stay in its place until the user decides otherwise. It is compatible with all different stroller brands which is what makes it so versatile and convenient to use. This means that the bag will keep all your valuables safe and will stay firmly latched onto whatever area of the stroller you stick it to. Another great thing about it is, of course, the number of pockets it contains which are excellent because there are a lot of different products that need to be kept separately. Especially food items and diaper bag products.

There are two super-strong Velcro-based patches on this product that basically make it so hard to slip off. There is also a compartment in it that is insulated enough to keep your drinks warm or cold whatever the weather demands. The entire bag is 100 percent waterproof which means that it also keeps your stuff safe from the rain or snow.

Snack Tray- UPPAbaby Snack Tray

We all know the struggle of having to feed a baby while they sit inside a stroller, kicking their legs everywhere, with so many stimuli to keep their attention super limited, right? Well, you know what would help? An Appu Baby Snack Tray will keep all your food in a neat and sanitized setting in front of your baby and of course, a formation that will keep the toddler positioned properly as well. It holds all sorts of bottles, Sippy cups, juice boxes, and milk boxes that your child could need. The tray is obviously removable so you know that it can be washed and sanitized whenever you desire so don’t worry about your child digging in it with their bare hands.

It is also dishwasher safe which means that your job as a parent just got a hell of a lot easier and the even greater part is that this tray is so compact that you can essentially fold the entire stroller for storage or travel with the trays till intact.

Night lights- Strollbright LED Lights 

Last but definitely not least we are about to talk about a product that is super important for your child’s wellbeing. Ever venture forth into the world with your child in their stroller at night? It is a whole new and far more dangerous world out there when it gets darker. Your child becomes a really easy target for cyclists, bikers, and even cars on the streets if there is absolutely no way for them to see the stroller. Of course, we have a solution here in place for you, presenting the Strollbright LED lights which are so versatile that they essentially fit on all products and brands.  This particular brand is the most sought-after online as it runs for a record number of 160 hours until you will need to change its battery.


The products listed above are the ones that are absolutely needed by parents as an add-on to the baby strollers. The rain cover will keep your baby safe from rain, hail, and strong wind and keep the stroller from getting wet, moldy, or dirty. Similarly, a cup holder can come in handy to hold a bottle, cup, or even a baby feeder while you take your baby for a short walk.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch can come in handy for attaching your baby’s favorite toys to the stroller and keep him comfortable and busy playing with his/her toys. If you take your baby shopping with you, shopping bag hooks can really help hold your shopping bags. Other accessories like Swanoo Non-Slip Stroller Organizer, UPPAbaby Snack Tray, Strollbright LED Lights, and other accessories can be beneficial while being out with your baby.

All these accessories are needed for a baby. Buying non-stroller-compatible accessories will only increase our baggage and there is a chance that we might forget to carry any one of them while going out. So it is better to buy accessories made for the stroller and integrate them with your stroller to avoid any unpleasant situation.

To sum up, you can choose any accessory that you deem necessary or helpful for you when you take your baby out with you in a stroller. 

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