Double Stroller Compatible With Britax

 Double Stroller Compatible With Britax

If you are a parent of two children, a toddler and an infant or twins, it will be a wise decision to buy a double stroller instead of a single one, because it will not just be economical but will also be easy to carry around as compared to two separate strollers. If you already own a Britax car seat for your infant and are looking for a Double Stroller Compatible With Britax, here I have done the job for you.

There a number of Double Stroller Compatible with Britax however, all of them require adapters to connect the car seat to the stroller. Some of the Double Stroller Compatible ones are Joovy, Baby Jogger, Graco, Bugaboo and many more. Now, which stroller is the right stroller for you? Answer to this question varies from person to person because different parents have different needs. Parents who take out with their little ones with them while going for jogging will need to buy a jogging stroller. Those, who take their kids out with them while going to malls, will need a bigger stroller with storage space so that they can keep shopping bags in there. But at the same time, what all parents consider the most while buying a double stroller is that the stroller should be durable and have safety features to keep their little ones safe and comfy.

Double stroller compatible with Britax

In order to help you with your choice, I have managed to compile a list of four Double Stroller Compatible with Britax after extensive research. Let’s have a look at the list.

Joovy Scooter X2

The joovy scooter x2 is a great double stroller suitable for modern busy parents. It’s a great way to help carry two babies at once without allowing them to fight or irritate themselves. You can help in keeping the baby healthy on each side of the stroller while pushing them with great ease.


The joovy scooter x2 has standard doors. Each chair on the stroller is able to accommodate two 45 pounds children. Both seats come with an individual recline. You can also adjust the footrest of these seats.

The stroller comes with a giant storage capacity in the shape of a basket.  There is a weather canopy and a removable bumper bar for the further utility to the parents.

The joovy scooter x2 has two cup holders for your coffee and the babies’ feeders. There are more safe and secure zippers for phones and important things like car keys or house cards. You can use the joovy scooter x2 for a total of two babies that weigh up to 90 pounds together. You can use it with a car seat to use it for infants. Although the recommended age of use is at least a 3-month-old baby.

This is a well balanced and safe option. The stroller weight is not much on its will be lightweight and stable to push. The joovy scooter x2 comes with a removable bumper bar. It has one of the roomiest storage baskets available for a stroller. The babies can be protected with an adjustable 5-point harness to hold them in place.

  • Quick folding
  • Safe and stable
  • Parents tray and additional storage
  • Does not come in many color options
  • Limited configurations


The joovy scooter x2 offers a One-hand fold. It is great for new parents.

JOOVY Caboose Graphite Stand-On Tandem

The Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand-on Tandem is a double stroller that keeps the babies close but makes sure that they do not fight among themselves. This is a great feature for modern families that do not have time to fight and quarrel, only time to learn and grow.


You can convert and enjoy multiple uses out of the stroller. This is what makes a double stroller for two babies better than two singles for two babies.

It allows the maximum total weight of 90 pounds. It has a multi-position recline. This holds the baby of age between 6 months to 45 pounds.

The main for the younger baby is suitable for a child from 3 months to 45 pounds.  It also allows a child to stand in the back. The stroller seats have a recliner. This offers 3-positions.

It also has an adjustable canopy. It Is a universal Car Seat supportive stroller. This seat allows you to use it with an infant baby with the Adapter.

  • Adaptable
  • Amazing stand on and tandem styled stroller
  • Safe and compact
  • Not available in many colors


The Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand on Tandem seats have a full-sized seats and enough room for both babies.

Graco Modes Duo Double Stroller

The Graco Modes Duo Double stroller allows 2 children of up to 40 pounds each. It has a single-handed handling style. You can quickly fold and unfold it. The stroller is light in weight and useful for urban parents.


The Graco Modes Duo Double stroller allows proper access, a drop-down storage basket, and a recliner for the baby.

The stroller offers unique features and maximum comfort. It features 2 recliners seats that both come with a canopy of their own. The seat also has footrests for the babies.

Lockable front swivel wheels have a suspension that is super smooth. The parent’s tray comes with storage. It also has a cupholder and a coffee storage place. You can also enjoy the basket for shopping etc.

To wash the Graco tandem stroller all you need to do is remove the seat cushion. You can put it on the cold cycle and then line dry.

  • It is simple to wash.
  • It features a child’s tray as well as a rotating canopy.
  • Can not be used with bleach


Graco tandem stroller allows you to give the babies and yourself a lot of comfort.

Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller

The Baby Trend Double Sit N Stand Stroller can be used as a quality double stroller. It has 2 riding options that are suitable for 2 children of different ages.


One of the seats is a bench seat and the other one is a standing platform.  Both of these hold the baby of up to 50 pounds in them.

There is a 3 and 5 point safety harnesses which keep both babies safe. You can quickly clean it with simple soap and Lukewarm water.

The Graco Ready2Grow LX has a tray and holds 2 items. There is a big storage basket and it allows you to hold all essentials.

  • Comes with diaper bag storage and other useful storage space
  • Has an easy to clean operation
  • Can not be bleach


The Graco Ready2Grow LX has two seats which are perfect for two babies.


It is not an easy choice to make when you have a variety of products available in the market. But we as a parent, do not want to compromise on the quality, safety and comfort of our child, hence, we want the best for them. The above Double Stroller Compatible with Britax is the best travel system. They offer the best safety and comfort to your children. The only drawback is that a special adopter will be required for the Double Stroller Compatible with Britax above, which will cost some extra bucks. However, rest assured that these are the best available in the market.

I hope this guide will help you in buying the best available Double Stroller Compatible with Britax for your little ones keeping in view your lifestyle.

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Laura Ashley

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