Jogging Stroller Vs Regular Stroller

Jogging Stroller Vs Regular Stroller

Jogging Stroller Vs Regular Stroller

How to opt for the right stroller is a very tough decision and often people get confused about either buying a Jogging Stroller or a Regular Stroller. Well, I have made it quite easy for you to pick and choose. First let’s be clear about the difference between a Jogging Stroller and a Regular Stroller, and their use. A Jogging Stroller is made for the purpose that a person can jog on a track while carrying their Baby with them, it is for the people who want to keep their exercise routine intact. It has a tough exterior and is not easily breakable, it also comes with strong brakes for a sudden stop or interruption.

While, a Regular Stroller comes handy in a regular walk or a stroll in the park or mall.  A Regular Stroller does not come with steady or strong brakes. It is suitable for a regular use and comes with basic features.

A Jogging Stroller consists of restraints that keep the Baby in place and consists of a shock absorber. While a person is jogging, the person is more likely to be taking sharp turns or hitting bumps, the Jogging Stroller provides a steady stop because of the presence strong brakes. This stroller is ideal for parents who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A Regular Stroller is comparatively cheaper and more compact as compared to a Jogging Stroller. A Regular Stroller is good for parks or malls or even indoors and in the lawn of your own house.

I would like you to note that a Jogging Stroller should be used for a baby that is above 6 months or more because a child smaller than that may feel uneasiness or motion sickness. The Jogging Stroller is a three-wheeler Stroller that provides the Baby and stroller extra support.

Jogging Stroller Vs Regular Stroller

A jogging stroller is a sturdy and tough option that lets you run and jog with it. It is built to jog with it and can give you a full-blown workout with a great amount of ease.

Whereas, a regular stroller lets you walk or stroll with the baby daily. This is also durable in its regard. But, this option is much easier to use and it has wheels along with brakes that are built for causal strolling purposes only. Some of the regular strollers also let you run, but not all. Any additional feature for safety or speed in the regular stroller is only an add on and an exception, not the rule.

Whereas the jogging strollers are meant to have a great deal for standardized features that act as a requirement. These include having larger wheels, stronger brakes, impact resistance, shock absorption, and greater balance. You can expect your jogging stroller to have these features too.

Characteristics of

Jogging Stroller Vs Regular Stroller

Usage Differences

Okay, so first things first, there is a great use difference in a jogging stroller versus a regular stroller. This is because a jogging stroller is more than a standard stroller and a regular stroller allows all the basic features.

It will be valuable to understand that a regular stroller is not any less than a jogging stroller. Only that a jogging stroller must be equipped with greater durability, and speed management or safety to ensure that the rugged use can be justified with the rugged construction of the stroller, The demands and expectations of the users vary for both stroller.

A jogging stroller comes with greater head support and room. The restraint keeps the baby in place. When you are jogging you could be taking sharp turns or hitting bumps. This is why a jogging stroller is essential for parents who want to maintain healthy activities and improve their lifestyle. Your stroller can let you run with your child, it can help you regain a healthier body as a mother and it can enable a lot of activity for you and the baby in the outdoors, far away from our unhealthy urban lives.

While you can enjoy these benefits on a smaller scale with a regular stroller, a jogging stroller is stronger and safer for it.

Although, when you come to think of it, a jogging stroller is usually a lot safer than a regular one. A jogging stroller is ideal for road usage, it is also ideal for other terrains. Usually, the stone paves and footpaths that you see around town are all gravel and big uneven stones. While they look beautiful they are rugged and can cause the ride for the child to be bumpy. This is not a great thing to happen for a young baby. So even if you are not running, a jogging stroller can be safer in such a terrain.

Indoors areas and malls are also better equipped for traditional or regular strollers as compared to jogging strollers. A regular stroller is usually a lot cheaper and much more compact as compared to a jogger.

Design differences

It is generally followed and guided that a parent should start using a jogging stroller for a baby of above 6 months old child. This helps in making the child feel comfortable in a large stroller, and it improves the chances of the child not feeling any motion sickness as well.

Some conservative baby specialists say that you should not use a jogging stroller with a baby until the child is at least 8 months old just to be sure and extra safe.

Another great and unique feature about the Jogging strollers or joggers is that more often than not these are three-wheeled strollers with a fixed front wheel.

These Joggers have a hand brake in addition to a foot-operated parking brake. You can also enjoy added features such as larger, air-filled tires, which makes them more suited for running.

Baby and the Stroller

The baby will do fine in both. But, the usage calls for different options. If you plan to run and jog then you need a proper jogger. If you choose to use it indoor like in a mall or on neater floors, then a regular stroller will be fine as well.

With a newborn, you may need to use inserts. These are important padding’s that can help in keeping the baby safe and comfy during the rides. Without a head and neck support for the baby, or until the baby is old enough to move unaided it can be a little tough to use a jogger.

Health for the parent

Some strollers are heavier than the others. These allow you to burn more calories, A normal stroller burns lesser calories as compared to a heavier stroller. This is because you need to push harder. The speed also incorporates a full workout fee. Pushing a stroller while running burns around 5% more calories.

A jogger can be a great companion for the road as well. You can also take it to basic trekking tracks if you are good at it. You can also use the stroller for daily use instead for a normal stroller. These factors make it as good and sometimes a lot more useful than a regular stroller.

But, if you want a compact option and especially if you just recently delivered the baby then it is okay if you do not want to invest in ah heavy stroller meant for jogging or running, you can go with a regular stroller as well.

Expiration and Life

You can replace all parts of both kinds of strollers. This allows both of them to be equally long-lasting. The features you get out of your stroller will also depend on the brand you choose though.


I would recommend the viewers to look at your need as it highly depends upon you and your daily routine usage. The Jogging Stroller is more durable for road usage as it comes with greater head support. Though it may not be proved good for the use of young infants because of its rough use. As compared to a Regular Stroller a Jogging Stroller is much safer and stronger. A Regular Stroller is normally recommended for infants because the very fragile and it is important to put extra inserts in the stroller that may provide extra support to the Baby’s neck.  The use of a stroller may vary person to person therefore, it is very important to keep it in mind.






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