Strollers Compatible with Uppa Baby Mesa, Reviews

Strollers Compatible With Uppa Baby Mesa, Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The days of traditional parenting are long gone. Thanks to the amazing innovation and technological advancement. Technology has been transforming our life from every aspect. I have been using three gears with my child. Car seat, carry, and stroller. However, it was difficult to manage all three at once. All three are mandatory products to have because they give me convenience, extra hand, and support in carrying my child everywhere.

The problem was managing them as they occupy most of the space in the car and at home. So I wanted a solution. Thanks to the innovation in this century that finally I can have a stroller and car seat and a carrier in one product. This product is detachable car seats and strollers. Uppa baby MESA pioneered these detachable car seats and convertible strollers, however, various brands produce strollers compatible with the Uppa Baby MESA.

So you need to find a stroller that is compatible with Uppa Baby products. Once you find it, you can have a 3-in-1 product to meet your requirements. I searched on the internet and found strollers that are compatible with Uppa Baby MESA. First of all, I am extremely satisfied with Uppa Baby car seats. Now that there are several brands that are compatible with these seats, I don’t have to worry about carrying different gears like a car seat, carrier, or stroller. Here are the products that I found compatible with the Uppa baby. I use to worry about convertibility and carrying an adapter was a big issue. Finally, Uppa baby resolved this issue and their strollers do not require any additional adapters.

Strollers Compatible With Uppa Baby Mesa

Here is the list of 6 all-purpose strollers and convertibles. Thanks to the innovation for making our life more convenient.

Uppa Baby Vista

So starting off with a product from Uppa Baby, we have the UPPA baby VISTA which does everything—times two, when you include a subsequent buggy seat, newborn child vehicle seat, or bassinet to this convertible carriage with twelve designs. A perfect ride for a solitary youngster, kin, or twins, the UPPA baby VISTA can even accommodate three kids when you include a lightweight flyer load up. No big surprise it’s one of the most mainstream carriages available. New for 2020 are three new colors: William Chambray Oxford and Bryce White Marl and Spenser Plaid. The three new hues include new materials, unique leather hues one of a kind to each form, and premium subtleties that give the buggy an increasingly refined look.

The UPPA baby VISTA includes all-wheel suspension for smooth taking care of, a reversible seat that can look ahead or face the parent, huge amounts of extra room, and a one-advance overlap that enables the carriage to stand upstanding when collapsed. Included with your single carriage buy is a bassinet that can be utilized on the buggy, for naps. Include the UPPA baby Plateau baby vehicle seat to the buggy casing with a single tick, no connectors required.

  • No connectors required
  • 3 colors
  • Legroom
  • None really

Thule Urban Glide 

The Thule Urban Glide is one more alternative stroller for infants which is actually compatible with the Uppa Baby MESA infant car seat and it also has an ergonomic handlebar which makes it super popular among parents who use this for everyday morning walks or jogs as the height of the stroller allows for very efficient movement and activities. Even the swiveling front wheel adds to this ease as it allows for greater maneuverability and it even locks into place for jogging so that the wheels remain constant and do go flying off as you run.

The entire width of the stroller is a mere 25.5 inches which makes it super convenient to pass through any doors or entrances. The pads on this stroller are there to protect the arms and shoulder of your children and are also waterproof which means that you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged.

The car seat adapter on this product is actually sold separately which is why the MESA car seat is such a great addition to this stroller. It also has a one-handed operation so that you can multi-task and work much faster.

  • One-handed operation
  • Great for jogging
  • Protective pads
  • Adapter sold separately

UPPA baby Cruz Stroller

This carriage is appropriate for newborns until the kid is around 40 inches or 101 centimeters. On the whole, this is a very compact and lightweight design as the unfolded measurements are 37 x 22.3 x 40.5 inches while the folded measurements without the seat are 13 x 22.3 x 36 inches. There is also a bug-resistant shield, a rain shield, and a seat for your toddler in this which can even be adjusted with just one hand. This makes your task as a parent easier and allows you to maneuver yourself and the stroller much easier. You can also recline the seat down to a full 180 degrees so that your child can sleep.

The peekaboo canopy is also a favorite as it offers SPF 50 plus sun protection and has a cool little peekaboo window inside that makes keeping an eye on your little one an absolute breeze. You can attach the detachable car seat to your car without any fuss or fumbling around as there is not even any need for an adapter to connect the two. Of course, it is 100 percent compatible with all MESA car seats so that also makes it a super good investment to make.

The best thing, however, is that this device is all structured with magnesium and aluminum body which is so lightweight and easy to move around that anyone can shuttle it around. However, the lightweight structure does in no way mean that this device is not sturdy or durable because it really is! It is also chemical-free, flame retardant, and has no toxic elements in it so it is safe for your child. The 4 wheel suspension option means that this stroller has anti-shock measures in place so your child won’t have to bear the brunt of uneven terrain.

  • 4 wheel suspension
  • Lightweight body
  • Peekaboo windows
  • None as of yet

UPPABABY MINU infant Stroller

Our next product is the Appu Baby MINU infant stroller seat which is the only one that actually needs a separate adapter to be able to attach the car seat to your car.

However, this still allows the two to be completely compatible so that’s a good thing and it can be attached to virtually all MESA car seat models. There is one major letdown that we have observed in this stroller and that is the fact that the stroller cannot fold once the adapters for the car seat are attached.

So it’s a step more in the process to actually take the adapters off before one actually gets to fold and store the stroller. However, since it attaches to all MESA car seats in seconds you can alternate between car seats and strollers effortlessly.

  • Compatible with all MESA car seats
  • Comfortable
  • Switch easily
  • Cannot be folded once adapters are attached
  • Needs a separate adapter

Mima Zigi Travel Stroller 

Our next product is the Mimi Zigi baby stroller which is as appealing to look at as it is to maneuver around as it is so lightweight and compact.

It is also quite sleek and stylish in terms of its design which allows it to pass through all doors and entrances with ease. It is best for those parents that are on the adventurous side and want to take their child along for the ride but by keeping safety in mind.

It is in accordance with most airline cabin rules as well as it fits neatly in any overhead compartments so you can take it along for the ride. The simple flick and close motion in this stroller are super convenient as you won’t be fumbling around with any tools or instructions. Just simply flick the lever and it will fold easily.

There are also 3 sun visors in place that will protect your child from harmful UV rays this is extremely important since the rays from the sun can cause sunburns and even skin cancer.

  • Sun protection visors
  • One step folding
  • Lightweight and compact
  • None yet

Baby Stroller 360 Rotation Function

This baby stroller is a 360-degree rotating stroller, which is easy to travel. It also meets the needs of mothers and babies in 360 degrees. This is why it is our personal favorite. It is not only flexible BUT also has a longer lifetime.

This stroller provides you and your baby with effortless ease. You can move on from a newborn pram to a pushchair with a convertible seat unit or to a travel system. It is generously wide; it has an ergonomic seating unit. The big basket, integrated sun canopy, and completely flat lying position make it the best option to have.

It is also very simple to handle. It also has an easy folding mechanism, height-adjustable handlebar, easy-to-operate parking brake, and removable bumper bar.

  • 360 rotating functions
  • Made with waterproof leather
  • It can be adjusted
  • The base seems to be too big for some people.


In my personal opinion, Uppa Baby has transformed technology by innovating all-purpose strollers and car seats. Simply amazing. The Uppa Baby MESA has been one of the most advanced and safest car seats which offer security, tightness indicator, self-retracting latch, side-impact protection, and headway canopy. MESA has gained the market very quickly. The advantage of MESA is that it is a full seat, car seat, and carrier altogether.

A cherry on the top is the Uppababy accessories Vista, Cruz, Minu, etc. that can support MESA and are amazing functioning strollers. Now I worry no more about carrying a car seat, carrier, and stroller separately because I found Strollers Compatible with Uppa Baby MESA. I am sure you want that too. I hope the products reviewed in this article would be helpful.

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