Best Car Seat for 5 Years Old

 Best car seat for 5 years old

Being a 5 year old is a truly magical time of your life since you aren’t old enough to have to worry about life’s problems and you aren’t so young that you can’t enjoy a lot of activities that you missed out on as a toddler. Your biggest desire at that age is to explore the world around you and what better way to do that than by diving in headfirst into whatever life throws at you?

Alternatively, if you are the parent of a five-year-old you are well aware of the struggle it takes to make sure your kid is safe and simultaneously does not miss out on any opportunities for growth and success. That being said, it is seriously important to buckle your kid into a booster seat or car seat even at age 5 because this is actually one of the most vulnerable times for your child. This is the age where they are least likely to sit in one place as you drive and this makes them more susceptible to a number of dangerous car risks. A seat belt is fine as well but this is something your overzealous child can squiggle out of so a car seat is super important to ensure that they are safe and sound.

Today we are listing some of our favorite picks for the best car seats for your 5-year-olds and this has been compiled to make your important decision as a parent far easier.

Best Car Seat for 5 Years Old

Britax Pinnacle ClickTight Harness Seat

Our first product for the day is the Britax Pinnacle Click Tight Seat which has an amazing and tight harness that transitions from the harness to belt within seconds. The problem is that many times kids rebel from sitting on a booster seat as they feel they are old enough for a big kid seat. This belt option puts this argument to rest and keeps them safe too.

The patented click tight technology ensures that this product is attached to your car within seconds and thus no technical knowledge is required to attach it. The toddler to big kid seat belt option also makes this a versatile device as it can be used for any age.

Since each child has a different frame and body weight, there are luckily 9 possible adjustment options in the harness which is super convenient so that all your kids can fit in no matter their ages. Many times a child can get finicky sitting on such seats as they are uncomfortable but even if you sit on this seat for long periods of time, the mesh fabric will ensure that air is allowed to pass through thus keeping everything super cool and ventilated.

There are compartments for food and built in cup holders which allow your child’s favourite drinks to be in close proximity to them so they are hydrated and happy plus they are also removable for easy cleaning and sanitation. The steel frame and shock absorbent material ensures that even if the car hits some bad road, there will be no harm to your child and they will be seated comfortably.

The child also has multiple relax and reclining options which make their ride super comfortable and they can even nap on the way with ease. In booster mode, this device holds up to 120 pounds and in normal mode approximately 90 pounds can be held.

  • Food compartments
  • Click tight technology
  • Shock absorbent
  • 9 adjustment options
  • None really
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Britax Frontier ClickTight Harness

Our next product is the Britax Frontier Click tight harness booster seat which is pretty similar to the last product we discussed but this one has a few other tricks up its sleeves. For starters it offers 2 unique layers of side impact protection which ensures that the child is protected from the sides in case of any mishap. However in other things it is pretty similar to the previous model as there is also a cool toddler to big kids transition with the harness that readjusts itself and turns into a seat belt instead. This basically means that as your child grows this product evolves and grows along with them so basically super value for money.

The click tight technology that has been patented by the company also ensures that assembly and attachment is done in practically seconds so you don’t have to fumble around with any instruction manuals.

There are also 9 amazing harness positions which ensure that there is no chance of your child not fitting in properly or not being completely secure inside. There is also no need for rethreading. The steel frame that is within is actually shockproof and resistant so that your child is safe even if the car hits some bad patches on the road.

  • 9 harness positions
  • 2 side impact layers
  • Click tight technology
  • Similar to older model

Chicco KidFit Belt Positioning Booster Car Seat

Our next product is the Chicco Kid Fit 2 in 1 seat which is essentially a positioning seat that has been fitted with something called super cinch latch attachment which is a one-step pull and tightening strap that keeps the seat secure in the car and also keeps the process of getting your kid out of the car super easy.

Other than this there is a cool duo zone system that provides both head and shoulder protection via a side impact protection technology which has an impressive 10 options! The front booster which is for younger kids can take up to 100 pounds of weight at a time while the backless booster seat is for 5 year olds and can hold up to 110.

There is double foam padding on the seats which means your child will be super comfortable throughout their journey and so will you. This along with cool armrests allows the child to travel with ease.

  • Cinch latch
  • Duo zone technology
  • Double foam padding
  • Not as many features

Graco TurboBooster Seat

Our final product called the Graco TurboBooster seat is a 2-in-1 attachment that goes from a backless booster to a highback within seconds so that your child can use it as they grow.

There is a multi-functional headrest for your child’s comfort and there are also cool padded and adjustable armrests that ensure your child can even nap while you drive.

  • Easy transition
  • Padded
  • Not as many features
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